Occlusion - 3D Models

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Ok...brain check here.

Scene is simple - sun behind a station with a camera move revealing the sun. 

Is this setup proper occlusion?

1: Sun Plane (screen blend)
      Light Flares
            Set Matte
                Source Layer - Station Luma
                Matte Source - Luminance
                Blend - Subtract
    **Matte Cleaner
    Light Rays
2: Station Model (2D layer)
3: 360 Environment (space scene)
4: Station Luma - (duplicate copy of layer 3) turned off all effects; added white plane at bottom of stack; Curves or Levels to crush the model black; ** Blur
    Layer is turned off.

Doing it this way DOES indeed put the sun behind the model. After the camera moves and the sun is starting to be revealed the Light Rays begin to reveal themselves (around/in front of model) but the Sun glare is a sharp edge on the model.

Question 2 -  Should the Sun "bleed" over the edge of the model as well? 

**Edit: - I see (maybe). I added a 2px blur to Station Luma then added Matte Cleaner with smooth, feather and choke to 1px to the Sun Plane 

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