Im Back! Please help

Hey Guys & Gals, 


I started editing a project & saved it as I went along since I knew i would be doing it over a couple of it's not long enough & I can't figure out how to make it longer.  If it's not possible, would it be possible to use the already edited clips somehow in a new project or do I have to start all over?  oi to me   lol l  Hitfilm Express 2017 Working on Dell Inspiron 5558




  • Juda1
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    Not long enough? On the editor timeline you can simply add clips or comps and it is getting longer automatically.

    To make a composite shot longer just go into the setting and enter the time you want (default is 30 seconds).

  • For some reason the editor timeline wont lengthen.  I thought maybe because I saved it 

    Never mind...must have been my hands spazzing when I tried to place it because it's working now....oi vei lol


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