IN NEED OF URGENT HELP! Crashes at certain times and cannot be exported!

Hello, I'm making a project and I'm all done but for some reason when I go to watch it through it crashes the whole software at exactly 5:11 and 15:16. When I try to export the full ~16 minute video it gets stuck at 32% (the 5:11 mark of the video) and doesn't export any more. Please, help me. I've spent many hours working on this project to find out that it won't work.


  • Andy001z
    Andy001z Lord EarthPosts: 3,573 Ambassador

    OK some questions:

    1) Hitfilm version?

    2) Spec of PC / MAC - (eg: GPU, CPU,Memory)

    3) Have u got the latest GPU drivers installed.

    4) You say t crashes at certain time codes, what is happening at those times (eg: Effects, composite shot?) Does it play or export if you chop that part out?

    Good luck

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