My composite shot wont play in the editor.

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I have made a composite shot of some text being revealed by a mask so that it looks like the text is being written. The idea is that this text will appear as an intro title to a short video clip. but, when I add this composite clip to the editor to play with my video footage, the composite does not appear.

Any advice, I've obviously missed something fundamental, but can't figure out what it is.

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  • Andy001z
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    @Nictu Hi, have I understood this right, you have a main video that is on one layer in the editor, you then have a new composite shot that has some text masked to appear. You wish this text to appear on the main video?

    If I am right then you need to ensure your layer blend is set to ADD o SCREEN and your composite shot is above the main video in the editor stack. Some might suggest cutting the part of you main video up using the slice tool and then turning this into a new composite that you add your txt effect too.

    Good luck

  • nictu
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    Andy you're the coolest ! Your help totally worked, thank you for your help.


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