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So I got a new laptop last week and I seem to be having issues with playback in HFP. I have a comp shot with three 3D models and nothing else- just a black background. Two models are stationary and one moves throughout the comp. Problem is, no matter if I have the playback quality set to Draft or Final or whether I have the playback resolution set to Full or Quarter, the playback is always choppy. It skips about 10-15 frames as it plays.

CPU: i7 - 7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz / HD Graphics 630

GPU: NVIDIA  GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

RAM: 16 GB

I brought a project from HF3 or HF4, the date reads 2014, and even though it ran perfectly smooth on my old laptop in a previous iteration of HF, when opened into HFP from this year, the playback skips. It was one of my reticulum videos with 6 or 7 3D model ships. Why did it run smoothly on my old laptop when I put it together but run choppy on a new laptop? I don't think it's HFP, I think it might be a setting somewhere at this point.

My questions are- Is there a setting I'm missing in the NVIDIA control panel that would improve performance?  Should I deselect the GTX 1060 in CUDA - GPUs?

I am really at a loss here. The performance on this new laptop is absolutely no better than with my last laptop on which I was hoping to improve. I would have thought going from a GeForce 555M to a 1060 and an i5 to an i7 would make a huge difference..........none at all.  :(  Have I set my expectations too high? Is my $1300 laptop junk?   :o

Anyone have any ideas how I can get better performance from HFP with this far more powerful system than my last laptop?


  • when you  click the  "buid   Preview" button ,  long does it take to render each  frame ?  1 second ? ,...2  seconds ? ,...longer ?  when building the  dynamic RAM  preview , HFP   renders each frame sequencially ( No skipping )

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    @humptylumpy - The RAM preview is a little quicker than a second per frame. I probably have just gotten used to working with video alone- no 3D models. I haven't played around with 3D models in about a year. Video alone plays smoothly even with a number of effects.

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