Frame rate difficulties (duplicate frames)

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I've been using Hitfilm for a little bit two years now, but I took a hiatus from videography for a while, and when I came back, the new version of Hitfilm had come out. Ever since the update, I have been experiencing a strange frame rate issue that has been persistent through almost clip. I will import the clip, and add it into the timeline, but when I do, I find that Hitfilm seems to be adding duplicate frames throughout the clip, one every five or six frames, essentially creating small blocks of two identical frames throughout the video. As you can imagine, this causes the final export to come out quite laggy and unpleasant looking. I suspect that this has something to do with the frame rate of either the clips or the project, but I'm not quite sure how. Any help would be appreciated, as honestly the only solution I have at this point is to switch to a new video editing program, and I really would rather continue to use Hitfilm. 


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    Chances are your source footage is variable frame rate and should be transcoded before import into Hitfilm. 

    This video discusses variable frame rate, how to check for it and several ways to transcode.. 

    Note VFR footage pretty much requires transcode for all NLEs. 

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