"Light Painting" Effect

so i was watching 'outrageous acts of science' and they explained the (fairly simple) technique used to create a 'light painting' effect.

basically, each frame was copied to a new layer, and set to like an 'add' mask for the duration of the scene.  (with presumably contrast tweaked etc etc...) so that the position of a moving light source would pile up and remain persistent.

wow, i thought, that sounds like a lot of work!  then i wondered, gee, could there be a macro to do that automatically for you?  and THEN i wondered... does hitfilm have one?


or would you just use the 'drawing/writing in air' technique as seen in this thread: https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/46421/how-to-make-fake-trackman-tracer-to-golfshot



you still have to do tracking points in this technique... (the bane of my patience).  they made it sound so easy to just pile on the 'add' layers.  maybe they simplified it, like, A LOT?  :/

i'm really just curious.  (that, and i have light poi!)  ;)


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