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I am trying to see what can be done on a budget and was overseas on business with only my android smartphone when the muse took me.

I did some wandering around, took some footage and then put it together with a song I recorded a while ago.

This was my first video in Hitfilm Express, so it was really all about putting it together, very little editing, no effects and trying to tie together some video with a song that were originally unconnected.

I am really pleased with it as a first attempt, and was surprised how good smartphone video looks on a bigger screen.

Hope you like it!




  • CleverTagline
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    Not bad for a first edit!  I'd categorize this as more of a travelogue than a music video.  At first it almost feels like the visuals might match the song, but as it progresses it's more clear that the two aren't really connected thematically or stylistically.  My main nitpicks would probably be the shots that repeat more than once, and the length of some of the cuts.  Still, as a travelogue it works well enough.  Keep at it!

  • StormyKnight
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    @Kenr2017 - Not bad for a first attempt. I like the message on the scooter at the end. I agree with @jsbarrett   about the length of some of the shots. You could always chop them up and put them in different parts of the video for a look of more variety.  Surprisingly clear for an Android recording!

    I do have an issue with the song title though. If I wanted to look the song up at some point in the future (after it sells millions globally), the last thing I heard was "You're Gone" over and over but the title is "I'm Gone". "You're Gone" is what's going to stick in my head. I may want to reconsider   YOU may want to reconsider renaming it. lol Sorry- it's probably just me but in collaboration with another composer one time, we had a very long discussion about how people will remember a song title. She had written a song that used a phrase once in the song but in the chorus had a different repeating line. The one little blurb is not what people will remember as the title, it's the repetitive lines that will stick.

    I dated an exchange student from Brussels when I was in high school. What a terrible thing to do. Get two people from opposite sides of the globe to fall for each other and then end of school year..*BAM*...goodbye. :( Didn't help the last movie we saw together was E.T. which was tearful enough.

    Hope to see more from you in the future and thanks for sharing your vid!

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