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Has Fx home ever thought about releasing a version of Hitfilm that people who have knowledge of code,can code tools for Hitfilm?  Then the volunteers can send the code to the development team to finalize the code.  Just a thought...


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    aka open-source?

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    Hitfilm (Pro) already has something like that by supporting OpenFX plug-ins. These are video only. Hitfilm does not support any audio plug-in framework like VST.

    As for something like writing a different "controls" panel or viewer or things like that, then that just cannot be done.  It would a herculean task just to dream up a framework. Then you have to rewrite to use it. Then what are the performance ramifications.

    The only reasonable thing along these lines is to implement a scripting engine for Hitfilm. Vegas is a prime example here as there are many third party compiled script products for sale. I have Vegasaur. These things can add tremendous functionality to a product. Really mostly only focusing on workflow using existing app (script engine) features. "Mostly". Things like the auditor in Vegasaur can be crazy awesome.

    One issue here for Hitfilm is a lack of primitives functionality. Look at Vegas or Resolve at the myriad of menus with all those functions. Hitfilm does not have that. All those function actions are things that the script system would need access to do useful things. Hitfilm would have to implement a lot of that. Whereas something like Vegas/Resolve just needs to let the script system call it.

    Finally do you write your own script system or find something you can license. Both cost $ but in different ways. Then you have to document it. FxHome has done a faceplant on this mark to date.

    I know a little about script engines. I once wrote one under contract. The Script engine had to run on Windows and Mac and support user create/edit/draw GUI forms for script user input/interaction.

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    @JMcAllister  yah kinda open source, but I would think it would help the developers...

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    The HPF file is just xml. Writing an interface / control panel / viewer to modify the project at least would be relatively straight forward. You could reverse engineer which bits of a project you were interested in modifying and just do the interface for those bits.

    I've been contemplating doing so recently. All the ideas I submitted were UI function enhancements and none were implemented.  It'd be cool to be able to do them myself even if via an external app.

    Am curious what FxHome might think of this. Half expect HPF files to be made binary / encrypted now that I have mentioned it ahahhaa oh dear.

    I think great gains could be made via third party developers. IMO there's no better motivation than intending to use the software you're writing to make it as good as you can...