Magix Audio editing software Humble Bundle

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I personally can't resist irresistible deals, even if I never use the programs. I suspect many here will though, so here it is. At least $300 worth of programs for $30.



  • Farscape
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    Even though it's taking me hours to download all the programs I definitely feel that's it's worth it.  Just the one MP3 organizer program convinced me I don't need to upgrade my Audials just yet.

    It's almost like Magix is going out of business or needs a quick infusion of cash.

    Once you have the best of the bunch you don't need the partial offerings but what the heck. I take what I can get for a bargain.


  • Triem23
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    It's not that Magix is going out of business--the offer is for older versions of software. I'm not certain what the current "version number" is but MP3 Deluxe 19 has been superseded by MP3 Deluxe 2018. Acid pro 7 was released in 2009(!). Now, Magix is about to release Acid Pro 8--if you buy FULL PRICE Acid Pro 7 from Magix you'll get a free upgrade to Acid Pro 8. I'm guessing with the Humble Bundle deal an upgrade to Acid Pro 8 will be at a reduced rate--but it won't be free.

    So it's a win-win for Magix. They'll make a few bucks off older versions of the software, get a tax write-off for the charity aspects of humble Bundle, and, hopefully (for Magix), buyers of the bundle will upgrade at least some of the software to the current versions.

    I have friends who did another recent Humble Bundle of Magix Video software (on my recommendation). It included Vegas Pro 14 (this was after 15 had been released). Of the three friends who took advantage of that Humble Bundle, one of them upgraded his Vegas 14 to Vegas 15. The discounted upgrade fee, plus the cost of the bundle was far cheaper than buying Vegas Pro 15 at normal street price--and he updated from Vegas 10 Pro!

    This is common for most Humble Bundles--they're always great discounted rates on older versions of software or on other merch that's been out for years. I did a a Humble Bundle myself that that digital copies of all the Bloom County/Outland/Opus/Acadamia Waltz books. I already bought all of those, in very expensive hardcovers, a decade or more ago. So these were book that had already made Berke Breathed most of the money they were going to make him. Berke got a few more sales from people who were never going to buy the hardcovers at $60/each, charity got some help, and I got digital copies for my phone/tablet. :-) Win-win-win! Acid Pro 7, for example, still remains a fantastic, easy to use, and unique DAW. Combined with Sound Forge and Vegas you get a few really sweet mixing/mangling options difficult to do on other software. Man, I've used Acid for so much over the decades!

  • Farscape
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    Even when I buy current programs they often sit unused long past the arrival of new versions, so getting older ones for next to nothing actually saves me money.  Too bad I spend more time buying than actually using. Ha.