Win a FREE copy of HitFilm Pro! (2 in total)

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Hi guys,

I'm the marketing guy for Viewly an upcoming blockchain based video platform that's more Vimeo 2.0/midpoint between Netflix and Youtube aimed at the new generation of "pro-youtubers" much like the kind of folks that are using Hitfilm already.  Roughly a week ago we announced the  giveaway on our blog here

but we derped and didnt get around to posting it back in here because we ran another promotion (an air drop) which had a riduculous/amazing response i.e. we gained over 30,000 new people in our Telegram community but it also buried us in the tech support weeds for awhile. Coming back to this kind of slipped my mind unfortunately. 

Anyhow in a nut shell, you have until March 22nd to submit something cool you've made (details are in the post), it doesn't have to be new and just for this contest although you get an extra chance to win if that's the case. For more brownie point chances to win,  if you guys use Telegram at all, please stop by our community and post your entry and promote your youtube/vimeo channel as well with the hashtag #hitfilmviewly . You can screenshot that you've done it too when you send in your entry just to make sure that I see it.  We will also potentially showcase you on our blog in the same vein as some of the other creators we've lined up too.  Speaking of creators we've lined up an eclectic bunch, some have things like Emmys and BAFTA's, others have Hollywood credits and experience and then there are those who are pure youtubers. You can also read more about them at this link here and check out some of the profiles we've started putting out elsewhere on the blog