How to make a shot from inside a helmet - Express

Hi folkz, I use the Express version.  I just bought a green screen for my kids' videos and we wanted to do a shot of them on the moon.

I'm just trying to figure out how I might depict what an astronaut was seeing from inside their helmet.  I would put up a moonscape as the background but I'm trying to figure out how to either make it move or somehow reflect that this is from the 1st person perspective.

I've seen the IronMan Hud tutorials but they are pretty much focused on seeing the person inside the helmet, I don't want to do that.

Thx for any insight.


I'm quite a n00b.


Hoping HF goes on sale to 99$ one day!


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    Put the camera - with a wide angle lens - in the helmet and if the lens is wide-angle enough and you see the sides of the helmet: point it at your green screen, then replace that with your moonscape in Hitfilm. Something like a GoPro with a 170 degree field of view would certainly see the sides. If the camera can't see any of the inside of the helmet you'll have to fake it with sort of helmet 'frame' out of cardboard or something, that you can put in front of the moonscape in Hitfilm by shooting that with green behind it, or hold further in front of the camera and shoot at the green screen with it in view. Or draw a frame in a Paint package, fill the middle with green and key that out, or use alpha to not have anything there in the first place.

  • Thx,this gives me a few ideas as I do have a mini-camera like a GoPro

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    It just has to convey the idea, not be accurate. Like when old movies used to have a 'double circle' view when someone looked through binoculars, which was nothing like you actually see through them. :)