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I have Vegas Movie Studio 13 and I see HitFilm and Ignite FX in my lists. I have just installed Vegas MS 14 but the effects do not appear. Has support for Ignite been removed?

 EDIT: Looks like the answer is........ It only works in Vegas MS 13 by some kind of mistake.



  • NormanPCN
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    Ignite works in Vegas 14 for me. Not MS but there really is not much difference. Hitfilm integration in VP14 not so much without some manual editing of a specific install file.

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    Another question is which version of Ignite do you have? With the ownership change from Sony to Magix, and the way Vegas loads plug-ins and scripts* a lot of pre-14 Vegas add-ons required updating to work in 14.

    Under Sony, Vegas looks for "Sony Vegas" in the plug-in or script. Now (v14+) it's just "Vegas," but an update needed to be coded. This also applies to very old (pre Vegas 5) add-ons which were coded as "Sonic Foundry Vegas"). 

    Probably a question for support.

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    Ignite works in VMS 14, although in some places the effects show as Hitfilm and in others as Ignite. Official response when I queried it was: "not officially supported", but they work, so...good enough for me. :)
    The names are correct in Vegas Pro 14.

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    @Palacono, I have VMS13 and the effects do show as HitFilm and Ignite in different places. However, in VMS14, they do not show at all.

    @Triem23, I have Ignite Pro 2017. Should I install Ignite Express? Or perhaps reinstall Pro 2017?

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