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Hi all. Here’s the short of it. I’m filming a real model spitfire flying around my living room. I’ve filmed the movement of the aircraft (ie camera movement) and I’ve filmed the spitfire moving separately via me in a greensuit against greenscreen backdrop. I tried green screen key and a few others but none of them effectively removed the green suit without losing the quality or detail of the spitfire. I’ve just come across mocha where I can animate a mask (effectively cutting out the spitfire) once I’ve done this I save in mocha and open in HitFilm as composite shot. Where do I go from here??? I import composite shot and I see the animated mask in HitFilm but it’s a blue sillohoute.   Help


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    If you imported a comp with a track done in mocha it uses to be a blue plane with a quad warp effect applied,

    Now move that plane under your footage. Create a grade layer and put it between your footage and the blue plane so the blue plane is rendered as layer. Then add the set matte effect to your footage and choose the grade layer as matte source. 

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    Thank you so much Juda1 that worked a treat. Much appreciated. No doubt I’ll be back here again soon asking more questions.

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