Drone Mavic sea trials

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Took the Mavic quite far out to sea  and just made it back with 2% battery left . Managed to get some nice footage of the ship and its support  vessel .  25 min flight squashed down to 3 min . Also added a few little effects just for fun



  • HIS__Films
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    Oh that must of been scary having the battery almost die on you!!! I never want to try doing that with my drone! :lol:  And you did get some amazing shots! Nice job!

  • BobDiMarzio
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    Nicely done!  I personally do not have the stones to cut it that close.    I am more concerned  that the winds will change enough to hinder my return.

    I enjoyed the VFX.



  • Triem23
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    Ooh, scary times... 

  • 8KMAX
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    @Rogyrue; Very nice footage!
    The only things that I would improve are:

    a vapor that leaves the wing of the plane.

    (hitfilm tutorial that explains how to do minute 14)

    _Add a "water cover" effect to the sea monster or a "feather mask" on the bottom of the monster.

    And that's it!
  • rutxer
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    Impressive: the clip, the drone footage and the VFX work.

    I wouldn't be this brave using my Mavic!! :D

  • orangepeel
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    Nice shots dude! Although the horizon tilt was pretty far off on some of the earlier shots

  • Rogyrue
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    @Digitaldave @rutxer @4KMAX @his Films @BobDiMarzio

    Thanks for all  the feedback . Agreed the VFX has lots of room for polish it was just kind of thrown in. Wanted to get close to the ship but the seagulls are not a friendly bunch. It was a cold day my hands where froze the time i landed i cant fly with gloves on..

      I disabled all the RTH features and i had to cancel the auto land function a few times as it tried to activate once below 5% battery and that would have been a autoland in to the sea my heart fluttered as i tried to swipe the cancel option .

    I tend to disable all the safety features and  calculate the flight myself . Had a bad experience with RTH and obstacle avoidance once and it caused the drone to crash so don't us them any more.

    Also had a number of flights where you lose signal but just for 30 seconds to a minute raise your altitude  and almost every time the signal does come back and i just  resume the flight. If autos safety features are on it comes home at signal loss and you lose the entire planned flight for the sake of a short signal loss. Its a scary experience signal loss you tend to think the worst when it happens.

    Saying that i cut it to close  with this flight  it was a thrill on the flight back and i hugged it when it landed , wont do that again.  :)




  • GrayMotion
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    I'd have gone wacko if a $1000 piece of equipment had a chance of sinking to the bottom of the ocean!