"Leave here"/"move with clip"

 Hi, English isn't my first language and I'm not sure what to understand with these options when I make a new composite shot out of an existing clip. Could somebody explain exactly what this is supposed to to please ? Thank you.



  • Juda1
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    It's simple, let's start with "leave here".

    Imagine you have a clip and added a mask to it. Now you decide to make a composite shot of it. When choosing "leave here" Hitfilm will create a composite shot of the clip, while that comp replacing the clip inside your composite shot will get the mask and all effects you have already added to the clip. When choosing "Move with clip" the clip in the new composite shot will have all masks and effects. Inside your source comp the clip will change to a composite with no masks and effects, since they moved with the clip inside the new comp. 

    The first one defines where resolution and framerate is taken from: Either from the editor timeline or from the source you are creating a composite shot of. Only matters if resolutions and/or framerate of your editor timeline (project settings) differ from the source you want to make a composite shot of.