How to rollback to an earlier version of Hitfilm?

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I'm having performance issues as described in my previous post:

Is there any way to roll back to the previous version that will allow me to open/edit .hfp files from the latest version?

Is it only the newest features that will be unavailable, or am I completely unable to open lastest version workfiles in a previous version?


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    -you can't open project files from a newer version of HitFilm in an older version of HitFilm

    -to install an older version, go to your account on this page. There you can find download links to installers for all versions of HitFilm registered to your account. You should probably uninstall HitFilm first, then install whichever older version you want to use

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    Not really. You could roll back from Hitfilm v7 to Pro 2017, otherwise it's always the most current installer available on this site. So, that's HFP 7.0 with 6.2 being gone. 

    Now. I always keep backup copies of an installer for a couple of revisions, just in case I decide to roll back. 

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    I have all the .msi files from the past several versions.   HF allows multiple installs of various versions on a machine, correct?  If so, is there some software flag in the .hfp file format that can be hacked to allow me to open later version files in earlier versions of the software?  Perhaps I am  incorrect in guessing the problem is with HFP -- it's just that this audio dropout issue seems to have occurred when I upgraded to the newest version...

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    The msi files can be used to install an earlier version. I do have Ultimate 2,Pro 3, 4, 2017 and 7 installed on the same computer. 

    No, you cannot install Hitfilm 6.2 and 7.0 at the same time. A Hitfilm 7 install will overwrite Hitfilm 6 (my Hitfilm 7 installation went to a different directory than Hitfilm 6. Hitfilm 6 was uninstalled when 7 was installed).

    There is no method I am aware of to modify an hfp file to open in an earlier version. While HF7 has (on the surface) fewer core engine changes than 6, we'll use 6 vs 2017 to compare. Hitfilm v6 introduced keyframe edits in the Editor Timeline. Obviously a Hitfilm 6 editor timeline won't load into 2017. It would break and crash.

    Editing an hfp is beyond my knowledge and not something I'm inclined to try. Although there's probably a version number embedded in the hfp that would be easy to change--it's other changes I wouldn't know about. 

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    We've added all installers along with the corresponding changelogs to the what's new page: (it's only for Pro at the moment but we'll do the same thing for Express in the future).

    Regarding opening HF7 files in HF5, it won't be possible I'm afraid. Yes you will be able to hack your project file and change some version numbers but it will most likely cause HitFilm to crash unless you change the data to be exactly what the previous version was expecting.

    Because it is complicated and time consuming, we chose to not support saving project files in a previous version format. When saving for a previous version, you have to solve questions like "feature X didn't exist before, what should we save?". Granted it's not impossible but we would rather spend time on adding new features and fixing current issues.

    You can however open any old project and (apart from a few specific exceptions where we didn't have a choice) your project will render the same as it would have in the version of HitFilm it was created in.

    Regarding the actual issue (I assume you are talking about this post), I will post there to ask for more details.

  • CedricBonnier

    Why not give Hitfilm a feature to save the project in older versions  7, 8, 9, 11, etc. , similar with CorelDraw , we can't open  projects designed in new versions. But we can save the project in an older version, since not everyone upgrades simultaneously.

    I have colleagues who are still using older version of HitfilmPro 8 and 9 i am using 11 how can i save my project so they can open it and continue editing the Music and adding few effects? 

    Thank you 

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    Disclaimer: I’m not Staff, just a user like you.

    While admittedly it would be nice to have the backwards and forwards compatibility you described, it wouldn’t be very helpful for most cases, and would be difficult to implement- most likely only working for future versions of HitFilm and not any versions before the implementation.

    In your case, this really shouldn’t be an issue. Why haven’t they updated their rigs to 11? Unless their computers are managed by someone else, there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to. This would fix all your issues.

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    @ChuppyPro I agree with @triforcefx, this wouldn't be a particularly simple feature to implement, and would have a lot of testing required also, since we would now have to do some testing across all versions other than just the current release.

    As triforce mentioned, is there a specific reasoning as to why you're all working on different versions? If there are any issues there perhaps we could help further.

  • TheBenNorris and triforcefx

    If my opinion counts?

    The business strategy to separate HF Version may be  an attempt to look interesting and maybe  counterproductive. Simultaneously,  pushing itself towards to the same direction where  ADOBE is now. HF film was awesome until  version 11.  Periodical Updates (e.g. Windows)  to UI, Effects, Features, etc., should have been the right strategic approach to give the feeling of HF's development  ?and that AWESOME!!!  ? reaction. Instead of having a REGRET?  feeling of throwing one Version to jump into other with  that  WHAT!!! ?reaction of starting all over AGAIN??  as if reinventing the wheel.  

    Best Regards and my wishes for your success 

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    Might I ask why you have an issue with HF 12 or 13?

    I must disagree with you here regarding your comments of "What?" and "reinventing the wheel." Every NLE and compositor occasionally revamps large sections of interface and/or cire features. Talk with anyone who went through the transition between Final Cut 7 and X! Of the paid NLEs it's Vegas that has stayed most consistent in interface (for which it's derided in some reviews for having a "dated" interface), yet even Vegas has had major changes to its layout in recent versions - that lame "advanced edit mode" which brings in a 90's style A/B roll, or moving the Track Buttons for FX, Compositing and Track Motion to an inefficient drop down menu, or the entirely new Storyboard mode and Dashboard. There's a huge amount of operating differences between Vegas 13 and 16. There are massive interface changes in Premiere between CS and the current CC. Resolve? We're talking about a Color Correction program that bolted on an in-house NLE and third-party audio and Compositing tools (Fairlight and Fusion) which, again, let to massive changes to interface and workflow.

    So, every program "reinvents the wheel" every few versions. Hitfilm 12 and 13 had some major enhancements in core functions, and many interface changes - most of which are for the better (there has been the occasional bad call, IMHO, and I'll call them out when I see them). 

    FXHOME's changes to the interface are largely driven by user input. For example certain controls were moved in Hitfilm 5 (2017) to what I felt was a terrible location. I made my case to the devs and Josh for over a year (Note: forum mods aren't FXHOME Staff. They are volunteers who help kill spam. I don't speak in an "official" capacity, and my opinions are my own), until the controls were moved in Hitfilm 12. Other users besides myself lobbied for the same changes. I Beta test and cannot give details, but I think I can say (vaguely enough to not violate my NDA) some more interface changes will come to a later version of Hitfilm, and those changes are being made directly reflecting user feedback.

    And yet Hitfilm's changes to UI, Effects and Features remain iterative. While Hitfilm 13 is a much more complex and powerful program than, say, Hitfilm 11, the overall look and feel is pretty identical. A couple of tabs got moved to a drop down (that took a couple of weeks to get used to) and a few dropdowns got moved (to a much better location), and a new button got added, but things aren't really that different.