Merging clips in Hitfilm 2017

Does anyone know whether merging clips is now possible in Hitfilm 2017? It always takes me a long time to drag tons of separate clips together or to just move them around. Thanks :).


  • CleverTagline
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    Aside from putting several clips into a composite shot, there's no other merging tool at this time.

    However, this got me thinking about an alternate way to approach it.  Perhaps the existing link/unlink feature could be extended.  Right now it can only be used to link one audio item to one video item on the Editor timeline.  Perhaps it could be expanded to allow linking of several clips, including already-linked audio and video items across multiple tracks.

    Time to head over to the wish list...

  • Triem23
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    What @jsbarrett is describing is basically what some other NLEs call "grouping." He's already posted in the Wishlist and I've done a "+1." You may want to do that as well. The more noise made on a feature request the more likely it is to be moved up the priority list. 

  • Tdiddy
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    I think this is the same issue that has me searching the forum right now. I like to trim all my clips, then drag onto the timeline with space between them so I can order them how i want later (and not have to worry about overlaying on another clip and cut it, thats why I leave space). Actually dragging them all together when im done kind of sucks. I suppose I could start trimming in order I want, it just never ends up working out that way for me.  Also kind of related... is there a way to insert the same transition effect (say cross dissolve) on the entire timeline at once instead of inserting on each cut? To the wish list then??

  • Andersen01498
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    Yes if you want it add it to the wish list