HitFilm Express 2017 Encountered a problem...

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So I've had HitFilm Express for a few months now and it was working great before, however, earlier today when I tried to start it up it gave me this error:

I've tried reinstalling it and looking up for similar problems, however nothing seems to fix it. 

OS: Windows 7

CPU:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz

GPU:  Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

Memory: 5.29GB Free/106GB Total


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    You've been lucky. Your GPU is a Intel HD 3000, and the minimum for Hitfilm is the HD 4000. You're under spec.

    Unfortunately tech assistance and support can't be given for a system that doesn't meet specifications, and one can't expect stable performance on an under spec system. 

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