Windows 10 Creators update causes laggy editing performance

Hi guys,

Laptop Specs:

  • Windows 10, version 1709 (Creators update)
  • i7 7500U (2.7GHz)
  • GeForce GTX 950M
  • 16 GB memory

I've been using Hitfilm Express for a few months now without any issues—at all. About a month ago Windows 10 Creators update was automatically downloaded and installed to my laptop, and I instantly noticed a constant lag / frames dropping during the Hitfilm editing process. (It was painful.) The issue never cleared itself up, so I rolled back the update and Hitfilm worked smoothly again.

However, Creators update has now reinstalled itself, and once again the laggy performance has returned to Hitfilm. There will eventually come a point when I can't keep rolling back this Windows 10 update, so I need to know how I can get it working smoothly again. (Why is Hitfilm unusable with the latest version of Windows 10?)

Does this issue occur with Hitfilm Pro? Will I need to change editors?

I appreciate any help anyone can offer.


  • NormanPCN
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    I know this is not help but, the Windows 10 update did not affect Hitfilm performance for me. 

  • Davlon
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    After the latest upgrade, Hitfilm is giving erratic audio behavior:

    1. I was editing using mp4 files -- a 25fps screen capture from Screencast-O-matic.   This was going okay until the upgrade.   Now the audio on the  source footage drops out sometimes.  The first 7 comp shots I made worked.  Now in this 8th comp, sometimes the narration track will not play, and sometimes the captured audio on the mp4 source footage will not play.  Even after I transcoded it using @NormanPCN settings in Handbrake (to .m4v files) I'm still having seemingly random loss of audio in either the  source footage audio, the narration track or both.

    I'm  going to try to rollback to the previous version and see if that fixes the problem.  Anyone else having issues?



  • Thanks NormanPCN, any input is useful. Since I couldn't find the issue in the forums recently, it probably doesn't affect a lot of other people either (or maybe their cause of lag and mine are related). But if Windows 10 Creators update makes it so that my performance is laggy, then others new to Hitfilm might just think Hitfilm is a laggy experience naturally.

    However, I know that Hitfilm works fine without this update. I like Hitfilm and wanted to upgrade to Pro when I could afford it. I would hate to be in this boat after paying for the full software.

  • Triem23
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    FWIW I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to 10, and my entire system is slower across the board. Not just Hitfilm. 

  • Triem23
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    @Davlon I merged your thread with this one, as they are basically the same question. 

  • Thank Triem. For what it's worth, this might have little to do with Hitfilm. For all I know, the Creators update has broken only my Hitfilm experience, or maybe has affected my use of CPU-intensive applications. Maybe Creators update is still updating silently (because Windows no longer tells you when it's downloading/scanning/doing sneaky things). I'll try to replicate the lag with other intensive programs that ran smoothly before.

    At the moment, I can't roll back the Creators update anymore. The next day, Microsoft downloaded it back to my computer and has just reinstalled it. It's a shame because I quite like Hitfilm (I'm brand new to video editing), especially all the tutorials made for it.

  • Juda1
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    I use the Creators update from the very first day. The only problem I faced was video playback problems inside UWP applications but not outside them like in Hitfilm. That problem went away after a few days when there was patch day. I could also be solved by enabling video enhancement in the video playback options. But again, that only affected UWP apps.

    Maybe due to the update you also got an update of your graphics driver which may cause the problem. Using NVidia myself it's said to say that it's not always the best to use the newest driver. They had issues in the past with performance lags and fixed it two weeks later or so.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @Davlon did you start seeing this behavior in version 7.0? Did you update Windows at the same time? What are your system specs? If this issue persists, you should contact support.

  • Davlon
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    edited February 2018

    CedricBonnier   I got the Win10  creator's update weeks ago and fortunately noticed no change in the performance of my computer

    - i7-4970k

    - ASUS Z97c mobo,

    - 32GB RAM

    - ASUS GTX760 graphics card

    I've been editing a job for the past several weeks, working with .mp4 files from a screen capture program (Screencast-o-matic --25fps).   I had no performance issues.  However after the HF ver7 update,  the audio tracks on both the mp4 files and on the narration track would cut out for no apparent reason.   Closing the program and opening again cleared the problem.   After transcoding using NormanPCN's settings in Handbrake the issue was greatly improved -- I think I only had to restart once or twice..  I don't want to send your dev team on a bug hunt for a problem that may be due to some other issue on my end.  My original post was simply to ask if any other users were having issues.  

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