Video lags and frame drops

I have been editing with Hitfilm Express

Seems like the videos are not smooth but skips a few frames in the video.

I use MP4, when I tried to use AVI it was no problem but then i get lower quality on the video I am editing.

I have searched all over Youtube and forums and nothing seems to work

How can i make my videos smooth and look like 1080p HD quality with 60 fps???


  • CleverTagline
    CleverTagline Posts: 3,341 Ambassador

    Playback in HitFilm is not always going to be completely smooth, but the export will be.  Playback smoothness depends on how your footage is encoded, and also the specs of your machine.

    What are your machine specs (OS, RAM, CPU, GPU, hard drive)?

    With MP4 files I'm guessing that you're not transcoding before editing, in which case I strongly recommend watching this and learning about the benefits of transcoding.

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