Very laggy performance on a high-end PC

I downloaded Hitfilm Express 2017 in late August and have been having problems with the program being very laggy, and on some occasions becoming completely unresponsive, requiring a program restart. I did upgrade my processor and got more RAM after downloading it, but I haven't seen a boost in performance at all. I was expecting to get much smoother performance like is seen on all of Hitfilm's Youtube tutorials. ( I currently have a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, GTX 1080 GPU, and 16GB of RAM ). I love this program and will continue to use it regardless, but I just thought it was worth looking into to see if anyone could help me out. Is there any settings that need to be changed? Do I need to completely uninstall and reinstall the program?



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    Just saying you have laggy performance without any information on what you are doing and the media you are trying to edit does not give us much information to go on. No matter what PC you have you can alway throw more at the editor than it can handle. Even simple media with no effects.

    For example. 4k is way harder to edit than HD. 60 fps is way harder to edit than 30 fps. AVC media (typically in an MP4 file) is much harder to edit than basically everything else.

    Hitfilm is a bit slow on basic timeline playback  of media relative to most others but it does work very well overall. You might have to work with Hitfilm a little and then things work very well.

    Just guessing but assuming you are trying to edit high overhead media, you will want to do a transcode. Here is a master video covering the topic. It has links to various master threads on transcoding in this forum.

    Executive summary. Cineform is the best performing edit option. You do get bigger file sizes relative to AVC/MP4 source media. Fast decode AVC is also an option.

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