Advanced Color Grading in Hitfilm?


I am trying out Hitfilm via Express. I am looking for a good video editor, with good audio editing and great, advanced color grading. Like granular color grading. For instance, if there is footage of a group of people and I want to isolate one face, I can do that. I also need other things like primary and secondary grading. Does Hitfilm have anything like that? If so, which package would that be a part of?



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    i can't help on your  tech  questions ,  but i can say . when i tried it as a trial , i downloaded  Hitfilm Pro . Than  ran  it in  "Demo Mode" .  that gave access to all of Hitfilm features .  Project saves too .  No  rendering in  Demo Mode .  HFP in Demo mode is most likely the best way to try it . It seems like your  gonna want to  go Pro  anyway , if you get it , so might as well  Demo the Pro  ver .

    download the  .pdf manual  . watch  HFP tutorials on uTube .  HFP web site has  tutorial lists\catagories to choose from . i  now know you will be using a  Grade Layer , then apply  any color  EFFECT , to the  Grade Layer . Parent the  image layer to the  Grade layer , as needed .

    the more i find out about HFP , the more i find that it is  a very  techi  program .  the HFP  tutorial team puts out  Top Quality stuff .  use that as a  guide to  the quality you can expect .

    Look thru the  EFFECTS  tab , to view  all catagories . color correction EFFECTS  are in there . you can  hand draw  a mask and the whole mask can be keyframed to  Track .  2D Motion Tracking is also part of HItfilm Pro .  Mocha too ( not used it )

    Demo  Vegas Edit , for a similar price , or Davinci  Resolve

    if you eventually want  Dolby 5.1  rendering with .m2ts  blu-ray compliant footage , then  Vegas is Absolutely the  Only  Choice for that . Movie Studio Platinum  too , for  Dolby 5.1 with .m2ts  blu-ray compliant rendering .

    if you want  32 bit  per channel color , then you will want to stay with  Vegas or  HFP . ( Movie Studio Platinum does NOT do  32 bit )

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    For color grading Resolve has the best tools of any NLE. Hitfilm does have very powerful color tools, but, in Express I'd argue the Starter Pack is actually better than the Colorist pack. Starter Pack has the Color  Wheels. The Colorist pack also has useful tools like LUT and Grading Transfer, but Color Wheels (along with Curves) is your bread and butter color correction tool. 

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