Export Suspend/Resume missing some prompts?

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I tried to export a shot with Motion Blur applied. It's 1 min 8 secs long and without Motion Blur normally takes 3 mins 40 secs to export.

Adding the Motion Blur Effect increases this time to 3 hours and 20 minutes. Excessive, but hopefully worth the effort...

After 2 hours I decided I wanted to go to bed, so suspended the Export. It stopped, then I closed Hitfilm down.  No error messages or warnings appeared.

I did not save the project, as it was literally a single clip with Motion Blur applied to it (big mistake).

Today I went back to continue the export and it shows 1 hour 20 mins remaining of the export, so I restarted the export and got the error:
"The export project could not be opened"

So I guess:
a) I wasted 2 hours, and
b) it didn't save anything to allow it to continue the export.

Suggestion: If it needs a saved project to work properly: either save one with a temp name itself, or prompt the user that it will be unable to resume exporting if the project is not saved with a proper name.

I'm now going to check if suspend/resume actually works with a Saved project after exiting the program.

Edit: No it doesn't. It deletes the partially exported file and starts exporting again from the beginning. :(

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