How to Make Fireflies

I want to do a shot where my subject is standing in a field after the sun has set, and is surrounded by fireflies. I know it has something to do with particles, but I don't know what else.


  • Triem23
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    Are you in Express or Pro? You have multiple ways to go about this.

    Pro is probably better/easier if you want the fireflies swirling around--this would be the particle simulator, and there are a few tutorials I could list that can easily adapt.

    Express has some options as well. (I'm assuming you'd be in Express 2017) You could create a plane with Fractal Noise, then grab the Starfield preset from the dropdown menu. That gives you lots of little dots. Mask the plane to where you want the fireflies. After that I'd say experiment with effects in the Warp category. Several of those can be used to give some motion to your fireflies. Or even Heat Distortion.

    For compositing--did you shoot the character on a greenscreen, or is it all a single shot? If a single shot you'll need to do some roto work so fireflies can go behind the actor.

  • I have Express 2017, I haven't shot anything yet. I don't have access to a green screen, but I plan to be shooting this after golden hour.