How to use Audio Mixer in a composite shot?

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I need to premix several audio tracks in a composite shot, then bring those comps to the timeline for the final edit.  While in a composite shot, how do I assign my audio layers to channels in the Audio Mixer panel? 

While trying to set this up,  I immediately noticed that the audio mixer goes blank when switching from Timeline to composite shot.  If that's telling me that one cannot use the Audio Mixer in a comp shot, what should my workflow be to produce a premixed comp shot?

Also, is it possible to keyframe audio mixes in real time using the audio mixer?  Meaning, I'd like to be able to watch my playback and adjust the volume sliders, then have the program save my adjustments and create a keyframed audio track -- much like the way the new Action Pro tracks user motions in real time, then applies the data to create a keyframed action.




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    HitFilm's audio mixing tools are rudimentary at best.  If you need to pre-mix audio for a project, I strongly suggest doing it outside of HitFilm in dedicated audio software.  Reaper is my tool of choice, but Audacity will do the job as well.

    Unfortunately there's currently no way in HitFilm to make live audio adjustments and have the changes recorded/captured.  I'm sure the devs want to make HitFilm's audio tools more robust, and this may come down the road, but it's probably not a high priority.

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    @Davlon @jsbarrett there IS a way to make live audio adjustments and have the changes recorded, but only in the editor timeline. 

    See this video by Mike Miller:

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    @JMcAllister Of course it's all outlined in one of Mike's videos that I haven't watched. :dizzy: I've never had a need to do that myself, and therefore never tried. Lesson learned!

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    @jsbarrett @JMcAllister but that's still Editor Only. Doesn't quite help for Composite Shots.

    Hitfilm doesn't have audio-only export templates (yet?), but you can kind of work around that by setting up a custom export template where you turn off "Export Video." It would still export a video file, but it will go really fast. Then Audacity (or other audio program) can extract the audio and save that to a file.