Export EDL to DaVinci Resolve 14?

Hi All, 
I'm new to HitFilm Pro and I was wondering if there is a way to export an Edit Decision List from HitFilm to DaVinci R14? 

I just edited a music video and would like to duplicate it a little quicker in Resolve so I can get a feel for both edit windows, but on a little shorter learning curve. 




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    Hitfilm currently has no provisions for importing or exporting EDL to/from other programs. With its unique structure of Editor Timeline/Composite Shot adding EDL export is probably quite problematic. Since a Composite Shot is procedural media, those are impossible to transfer via EDL. 

  • Hi Triem23,

    That's too bad :-(

    Even a simple written list of file 01, clip 01:12 sec frame 22 frame to 01:18 sec frame 01 would quite a bit of time in gathering the right clips from the right files and getting them into another editor. Then I could ad transitions manually of course... How hard could it be just to spit out a list like that of every clip used in the project? I mean I can write it by hand in a half hour or an hour... so it all info that is readily available on the time line and so HitFilm must know it too...

    I don't even need a true EDL... just a clip list would work if it had start/end time of the clip in a file and its project start time... that's it. it would be nice if it had video track 1, 2, 3... to know which clip was on top of others for transitions to be easy to match. 

    Why is it that I always want something that seems like it would be child's play from a program and it for some reason is too difficult to do? It must be me!


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    I'm always up for a programming challenge, and after poking through the project format, I think I may be able to come up with something that might work for a basic EDL.  It's waaaaaay down on my priority list, though, but I'll tack it on the end and give it some time as I'm able.

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    It's not that it's too hard but like everyone else we have a priority list and since it's not at the top then it doesn't get done. Adding support for editor timeline export to other programs has been in the wishlist for a long time, however since there are plenty of other features that people are asking for, some features keep being delayed.

    We always monitor customer feedback and keep reorganizing the list so if enough people are interested, hopefully EDL export can make it to HitFilm soon.

  • That's cool! So, I just switched from Pinnicale to HitFilm Pro and DaVinci R14 after 20 years. I just edited a music video in HitFilm and I'm going to create the same edit in Resolve starting today so I'll forge ahead without and EDL but I really appreciate the idea that you folks actually listen to customers and respond. That's rare!
    My initial feedback on my HitFilm experience is that it's whole edit time line feels crude and rough compared to Pinnacle Studio. Part of that is probably that they are on version 21 and have had a lot of time to mature the interface. But it's much easier to scale the time line, side to side and up and down, I can just click on the time line, hold and drag right to zoom in, left to zoom out, no looking for zoom buttons... which on my huge 38" 3840x1600 pix screen, are too small and even when you know where they are it's hard to click on them quickly... you have to slow down and make sure you're hitting them!
    Larger interface icons/buttons would be welcome!
    Even having Photoshop like zoom in/out "ctrl-space" would be a natural keyboard zoom in for me (it's all about me of course ;-) but Pinnacle lets me zoom in any amount I want, not just in jumps. 
    Having to drill down clicks to find and select and drag dissolves to the ends of all my clips was a pain compared to pinnacle, which just lets you hover over the upper part of the clip, the curser changes to a inverted triangle and you can click drag out a dissolve as longs as you want instantly. It just does a lot of little navigational and common edits easily and quickly.

    The biggest obstacle I had to power through though was the inability to easily sync all my video to my master music track. I can't zoom in enough to really see the wav in detail. I can't widen individual lanes to compare and slide my new clips video to my master music track. so I'm constantly scrolling , sliding a bit... and testing instead of just being able to look and know... and the tracks might be 12 lanes apart and all huge so I can see the 1sth and the last to line them up. It was silly really. 

    I also love how the audio wave on Pinnacle is overlayed on the video clips it belongs with. I don't need 12 lanes of video and 12 lanes of audio in my project to see, edit and work with 12 lanes of video. I can add audio only lanes but vid and audio that belong together, are together! Imagine my surprise to see my project have 24 lanes that mirror each other so that the audio for video clip 12 on top... is 24 tracks below on audio lane -12! I'm sure there must be some great reason for this... but it escapes me what it might be. 

    Anyway, I've got a lot to learn about HitFilm Pro, but one thing I do know is that there are some really great things growing in and around it. So keep up the great work guys, your really changing up the industry for the better!


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    Thanks for your kind words @brucesearlcom! All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. Some of the clunkyness that you describe is I think due to the fact that HitFilm was mainly a compositor at the beginning but now more and more people like to use HitFilm as an editor as well, so we are trying to improve the editor in each version, even though we have a (long?) way to go before being in par with some of the other alternatives.

    Regarding the timeline zoom, you can use Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the timeline. It still applies increments though. I personally always use the slider directly, not the "zoom in" and "zoom out" buttons.

  • You've come a long way quickly! The slider is just too small on my screen... it takes too long to get the tip of the mouse curser right on the tiny little handle  or the small mountain. ;-) 

    I just got done creating my own EDL "Map" - It's 10 pages long and took an hour and a half! 

    Now to go learn Resolve 14... I hope!

    I'll try Ctrl-Mouse wheel. thanks!

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    "Regarding the timeline zoom, you can use Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the timeline. It still applies increments though. I personally always use the slider directly, not the "zoom in" and "zoom out" buttons."

    @CedricBonnier Sorry, but I can't, or won't , stop myself. Squeaky wheel.

    Let Ctrl+Mouse have more increments and not be tied to the zoom button increments. Even the slider movement is quantized to increments so the number of "increments" seems to not be a magic number. Then there is the increment curve, but on that, I will stop and not repeat myself.  

  • @CedricBonnier Ctrl+mouse wheel is slightly broken in Pro 6.2, it changes both the zoom and does a page up/down scroll at the same time. This happens in the main timeline, composites, and controls timeline.

  • NormanPCN
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    I've seen that in quirky behavior Hitfilm for ages/versions. Ctrl+wheel scrolling the video track panel (up/down) as well as timeline zoom.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @PixlPants arf, we fixed this a few times over the years I'm sure... I'll see if we can get this fixed for good. Thanks for mentioning it.

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    @CedricBonnier going back to the EDL export (I'm tempted to split the zoom conversation to a new thread), dumping an XML list of clips with their time codes and positions is easy, but, if I may ask, any thoughts on how to handle planes and Composite Shots? Generated media--particularly Composites--can't really be transferred over to something like Vegas or FCPX, so I envision a gap for any procedural media. My pessimism forsees future users complaining about this, but the only two solutions I see are leaving the gaps (requiring the procedural media and composites to be rendered for import to the other editor), or some sort of plug-in for another editor so it can communicate with Hitfilm in a manner similar to Vegas integration? This is, of course, why I said above why such a feature isn't simple or trivial. 

  • brucesearlcom
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    For me, right now.... I'm just trying to choose a main program to use for editing. So having a simple list, with basic info like: 

    File name 
    Track it's on
    Start time of clip within file
    Start time of clip on the time line
    End time of clip
    Maybe some simple info on any basic transitions used like:

    Fade in for x sec
    Fade out x sec
    % of transparence of clip

    This would let me manually rebuild the project much more quickly in another editor because all of the hours long artistic choices and tweaks could be easily just duplicated from the list. 

    Having a little graphic image showing the thing would be great for reference.

    Ideally, full export/import of a project from say HitFilm Pro to DaVinci Resolve would be great because then I could use it's much more polished editor and color tools, but flip over to HitFilm for some F/X work and then back.... that would be cool.

    That might also get you Resolve customers to buy HitFilm for some of your F/X (But I guess you have those sold separately already, right?). Maybe it's not an idea that helps you pull in more customers. I'm not sure.... I know that inter platform compatibility is a feature that makes me feel better about putting projects into a platform, even if I never actually use it. It's just nice to know I have a plan be if a company goes a way or if I need something that one platform can do but the other can't. I realize... that this sort of thing is much more complicated, so it might be best to ignore me! ;-)

    By the way... I notice that Resolve has tight audio integration with Fairlight. I happen to be one of the wondering vagabonds that used and love Cakewalk Sonar for decades. Gibson bought a couple years ago and poor admin/management led to them shutting them down right before Christmas. Now Gibson just announced that they are in bankruptcy themselves. I know that the Sonar property is up for sale and probably pennies on the dollar... maybe you guys should consider purchasing them and integrating them with HitFilm? Hummmm... Just a idea ;-)

  • Jfrog
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    Having a Basic EDL list would improve my workflow so much.  I am really happy to see that you are looking into it.   Hitfilm pro is amazing, but I strongly believe that a basic EDL for basic editing is a must have feature for a lean workflow.

    Thank you for listening

  • CleverTagline
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    I've done some initial work on a HitFilm EDL generator.  Before I get much farther, I've got a couple questions.

    1. The basic stuff mentioned by @brucesearlcom is easy to add (filename, track, start and end times, etc).  Is there anything else I should add? Details about transitions and opacity levels could probably be extracted, but I want to focus on the basics for the first iteration.
    2. Is there a preferred format for spitting out this data?  Plain text (formatted in columns), CSV, and a custom XML are all doable without too much trouble.  I guess I'm asking if this is something you'd like to import into Resolve directly, or just have for your own reference as you manually redo things in Resolve?

    It should be noted that I'm writing this tool in Python, which you'll need to install.  Don't bother downloading it now, though.  I'll talk more about that later, but just wanted to give everyone a heads-up re: that requirement.

  • Well @jsbarrett, Aren't you something!

    Important would be the start time within the clip, because while your clip might start on the timeline at 23 seconds and 6 frames, it might have started at 4:21 and 23 frames into the source file. 

    Opacity of the clip would be nice. if it's keyed over time... nice but probably not essential.

    Common transitions like fade in/out for x sec/frames
    cross fades with similar start/end times.

    I don't know what resolve can "eat" but ideally, yes, spitting out a generic Resolve format file that I could just open in resolve, or easily import directly into resolve would be ideal. If not those, then a reference list or better, a reference list/graphic chart showing tracks like I created manually to do it myself. It works, but as you can see from the photos below, it's not without it's short comings ;-).
    It's beautiful but time consuming to create:

    It's semi-permanent hard copy with limited access time.

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