First video in HitFilm

Well this will be my first. This is going to take A LOT of getting used to, but I'm slowly crawling along. 

I actually made a short prior to this (also on my YouTube Channel), but it wasn't done in HitFilm.  And honestly, I was pretty impressed with myself for it being my first.

But this is my first ever HitFilm project.

Just some training that my fire department did, so it was an entire day split up into about a billion clips (about 80% of which probably got canned). The chopping and finagling  itself went pretty well, but attempting to grade and mess with brightness and contrast in each 2-6 second clip was a pain. So I slapped the cinestyle effect on and adjusted the brightness inside the burn house.  Lost the tops of a couple heads, but all and all, not too bad.

Also, I don't know how to embed. So here's the link. 


  • Oh, and I think the music I used may have been too high? 

    There are moments where it sounds like stressed speakers on their way out.  Or maybe it's my laptop.  

  • Triem23
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    Pretty good overall, very good for a first try. 

    You've got good footage to work with here, the cuts flow nicely together and time well with the music. The basic edit flow will make or break a video, so you've done a great job and the basic edit. 

    I didn't find any brightness changes jumping out at me. Good work. 

    Yes, the music is mixed too loud. Look at the audio levels panel and never let that hit the top. Hitting the top means distortion. For a music only edit peaking at - 12dB to - 10dB is plenty loud enough.

    For chopped off heads--your camera is probably shooting 16:9 aspect ratio while your cinestyle is cropping to 2.35:1--wider and shorter. You have two ways to adjust for this in the edit, both of which require a little more work. First, you can open the Layer/Track properties for each clip, and adjust the Position property to slide a clip down to bring the heads back into frame (this works for Composite Shots where the Cinestyle is on a Grade Layer). Second, the Cinestyle effect has an Offset property. This is a vertical slide so you can drop heads back into frame. This would be better in the Editor Timeline when Cinestyle is directly on the clip.

    80% of the footage unused? Welcome to editing. :) Better to have too much footage and have hard choices on what to keep than not enough footage, right? 

    Pasting the YouTube link directly into the forum works just as well as an embed and is faster.

    I'm sure the station enjoyed your video. Keep at it, and welcome to Hitfilm! 

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    I don't know who you are or where you came from, but your videos and insight are top notch. Even though a lot of your tutorials are hard to follow (because of my inexperience with the software) they are VERY helpful. Very clear and articulate. 

    When looking at the audio levels, I mainly used them as cues for editing (the heartbeats, for example). I didn't know those bright peaks were signs of distortion...until now.

    And I didn't even notice the offsetting thing. Every single tool or effect has a bunch of sub-properties or whatever you call them. And it's so easy to get lost and forget where the hell I am or what I'm doing.

    You da man!

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    As triem23 said good footage and the cuts flowed nicely.    agree 100%

    For me, although I liked it, I liked it better when I played it at 1.5 speed.  With it sped up, there there was a sense of urgency and danger.   Just my 2 cents. 

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    +1 to what @Triem23 said.  Nice work for a first piece!

  • Dude. I didn't even know about viewing it at different speeds. I was wondering what you were talking about when you said 1.5 speed. Learning new stuff every day. 

    I will say, while it's quicker and does create a greater sense of urgency, it's less dramatic...almost cartoony. I can't help but think of the Benny Hill yackety sax theme. 

  • BobDiMarzio
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    I agree with the Benny hill reference and I would not suggest that you speed up all of the existing  footage.   I guess it's from years of watching emergency actions on TV or Movies.   The Music you chose (in my opinion) was foreboding and ominous suggesting imminent danger, but the action was rather casual.   This is to be expected since this was documenting a training exercise.

    If you watch from :28 to 1:35  ( and exclude the casual action) @ 1.5 speed, to me it looks similar to Chicago Fire segment.    

    If  you created this video just to document the training detail that you and your department did, then please disregard  every thing I've written. 

    And if that was the case it was a fine job!