Slow playback and choppy editing?

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First of all, yes I checked the PC specs and my specs are good enough, so when I try splicing my video, it takes a while for the audio waves and such to pop up again, for some reason they have to re-load, also when I look at all my footage, some of it seems unproccesed by Hitfilm, I'm usingg Hitfilm 2017 and I really want this to work for me since I heard Hitfilm 2017 is a really good free editing software, my previous free video editing software I used was ShotCut.

The video playback is fine and it's smooth.


if you want to know my specs here

CPU:Ryzen 7 17k

GPU: RX480




  • Seriously can someone help, it doesn't load the footage I put in it.

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    Turn the audio waveforms off. This also turns the clip thumbnails off.

    You have not given a lot of info to go on but I guess that your media is AVC video with AAC audio in an MP4 file. I also guess that your media file(s) are very long (in time). Maybe game capture footage.

    Hitfilm 2017 has a lot of overhead in generating audio waveforms. Compressed audio like AAC in very long files only exaggerates the issue. You could extract your audio into a separate WAV file, which is uncompressed, and that will be faster.

    The current Hitfilm Pro fixes this waveform performance issue so the next version of Express should be better. Unfortunately that is then and this is now.

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    But I really find the waveform useful, as if im not talking in gameplay, I know when its quiet and to edit that out, I used shotcut for basic editing and it worked fine with waveforms and such, why is HitFilm having trouble with it?

    Edit: And yes Im using .mp4 file format

  • i tried using all the different formats OBS could record into, I use OBS to record things, so even .mov doesn't work, and .mp4 works but it has problems loading.... Can anyone help?

  • So I think I fixed but i'm not sure, but I do know putting preview mode on start/end helped alot