Zoom Effect Changing Letterbox?

Hey everyone! I am sorry if this is a dumb question, I am new to the program and I am trying to figure this out. I want to attempt and make a zoom transition between two shots, but both shots have letterboxes on them. I want the zoom to affect the videos but not the letterboxes as it looks very unnatural, is there a way of doing that easily? Or will I have to manually keyframe the letterbox? Would love some help, thanks! 


  • twhitworth
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    How are you adding the letter box? Are you using a mask or have you added the letter box effect to a grade layer maybe.
    Also how are you applying the zoom transition?

    If I were trying to do this I would first create my transition, once that looks good, create a grade layer above the two clips and apply the letter box to that grade.

  • Hi   I have a similar problem (also a new user).  I put a letterbox on a timeline shot which has been scaled up.  Therefore the letterbox seems to be scaled up to and doesn't match the letterbox size in the previous shot.  all help appreciated please!

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    Take a look at these two videos...

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    @twitworth except one must add transition effects in the Editor and the Editor doesn't have Grade Layers. 

    If I come up with anything more elegant, I'll post here, but a brute force solution is to create a Composite Shot with Letterbox on a Grade Layer. This should generate a letterbox on transparency. This can be dropped on a top track on the Editor Timeline (over the tracks with the transition). You could export this letterbox matte as a PNG, and drop that into a top track over the whole edit. In this case you wouldn't worry about letterboxing in any comps at all. 

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    Yeah, what you said (two months later lol). I usually create a comp with a grade and letter box and drop the layer over the entire movie. 

    I can't really see any other way to do it without painfully doing it in each video

  • Andy001z
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    I tried it tonight with with a plane on a video layer then adding the letter box to that plane, it kind of worked, but some of my videos still crept outside the letterbox even through the video layer was at the top of the stack. I got it working by using the colour white for the letterbox and then setting the blend mode to extract.

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    I'm sorry, that just seems so overly complicated to me. If you want try these steps.

    -Create a composite
    -Name it Letterbox Overlay
    -Make a grade layer in that composite
    -Drag the letterbox to that grade layer
    -From your media bin drag the "Letterbox Overlay Grade" atop all of your video layers

    Voila, no blending, just a grade behaving like a grade... or I'm crazy XD