VFX Exercise - eye replacement

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I've watched a bunch of tutorials on "get the white walker eyes",  so I just gave it a bit different twist.

Maybe an overkill, but I made and lit a 3D eye for the replacement.


On retrospective I should have used the fact that I had the 3D object and make that pupil move/look from side to side... next time :)


  • Triem23
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    Nicely done! Great pupil shape, neat Iris texture, and rock-solid tracking/masking. 

    Another option is the Sphere filter to create a procedural 3D eye. With a 3D model you have more/better options to adjust the materials, but the textures remain static. With a procedural eye you can animate the textures more. It's somewhere between the classic circle mask and full 3D modelling.

    My tutorial, just to show you the techniques. This isn't masking the procedural eye into a face, but masking is masking, right? 

  • rutxer
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    @Triem23 nice! I just scrolled it through, but I'll definitely look it through.

    (and you got a new sub :) )

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