Time lapse art video.

Helllo folks. This is my first full video done on HitFilm4 Express. It is a time lapse sketch of a character from the movie The Dark Crystal. I am open for comments and don't mind. I am new to this software and have limitations on my laptop to really work with the program properly. 



  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,070 Ambassador

    Great drawing of an underrated creature.

    Only criticisms I have on the video are you hold on your Dark Curio logo for a really long time (5-10 secs is fine) and you could have a better framing on the final art, fully filling the frame vertically. Otherwise, very nicely done! 

  •  Thank you for the comments. Yes the logo is held long, next video it will be adjusted and improved. With the art at the end, I will have to try the vertical frame filling, thanks again for the input. 

  • CleverTagline
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    +1 to what @Triem23 said above.  I would also add just a couple more comments:

    The subtitles/comments you include are tough to read at times. I nearly missed the one about adding inks because it came and went so quickly.  The type is also pretty small in some cases.  With the first really long one (fading in at roughly 2:07), this might've worked better in black instead of the light blue, and arranged into that somewhat empty space to the left of where you're working.  It doesn't all have to be packed onto a single line.  :)

    While I like the outtakes at the end, the beeps between them are a tad on the loud side.  I would dial down the volume of those so they peak at no higher than maybe -8 or -6dB.