My 1-minute short for the Film Riot contest

rutxer Posts: 176

After I saw the winners I was deeply ashamed... however I accomplished my goal of actually doing it :)

I was on paternity leave at the time, so my biggest constrain was: "you can only work on it during the kids' naps"


  • Triem23
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    Don't be embarrassed. You may have felt a bit rushed in production, but this is a very effective and creepy minute. The source of clone tissue is very disturbing, indeed. 

    This is good work. 

  • rutxer
    rutxer Posts: 176

    @Triem23 thank you once again! I sure felt rushed :D it was a fun challenge anyway.

    My favorite bit from the production was adding the QR code in blue on the eyeball. It's actually the QR code to my YouTube channel, but the Easter egg is only for me :)