Brightness Between Clips and PC's

I'm usually on the other side of the camera or usually in theatre so this stuff is newish to me. So bare with me.
So I took some video of some christmas ornaments with a new camcorder IT came out pretty nice I think for beginner but a few problems.
One on my computer the scenes look a LOT darker then on other computers. I've fiddled with settings but for some reason it comes out darker for every video and seems less detailed too.
I spliced these videos together and made a 5 min video of everything and on one of my scenes it looked so dark I used brightness adjustments to make it more visible well now it is really bright.

So I need advice how do I keep my computer to fit the video, is the best way to export and test on multiple machines? Is there something I can use in Hitfilm to equalize the brightness across multiple clips?

Thanks and can't wait to get better!


  • Stargazer54
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    I would certainly recommend using the Curves effect (found under Color Correction).  It's pretty nifty and pretty much a standard tool used in other programs such as Photoshop and the like.  Plenty of tutorials on the interwebs.

  • Triem23
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    Does the clip look ok in someone ELSE'S PC? If so, then the issue is your monitor. Turn up brightness on your monitor. 

    If it looks dark on multiple PCs but fine on camera, your Camera's screen is probably set very bright. 

    Camera monitors are almost never calibrated. Computer monitors can be. To really do that correctly you'll need a hardware device. (I use a Spyder Pro). 

    Without a properly calibrated monitor its difficult to determine if your exposure was correct. Adding a Levels Histogram effect will help you check. At the bottom of that effect is a horizontal bar graph representing brightness. Black to the left, white to the right. If you're seeing all the graph pushed left, then your footage was too dark (and your camera screen is too bright). 

    To correct in post you can try the Brightness/contrast effect or curves. Or, Levels Histogram. 

  • Thanks for the quick replies,
    It looks exactly how I want it on my PC but brighter on another. I use the brightness settings and the Windows calibration screen and it usually says my brightness is too high so I lower it slightly. I did reset most of it and it's brighter but not nearly as much as on the other computer. And yes the histogram has the graph all to the left.

    I really needed a way to tell which monitor was closer to normal and I think that helps.

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    Like @Triem23 said, when in doubt check your scopes. They show the image stats the same way regardless of your monitor settings.