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Apologies if this has been discussed before but this is really driving me nuts.

Open HF Pro and create a new composite shot.  Set the properties of the comp to 5 seconds.  

Import a 3D model and drag it onto the timeline.  Leave it in 2D mode or 3D Unrolled (doesn’t matter)  Add a light (this will add a camera).   Add a point and parent the object to the point.

At the beginning of the timeline, drag the point right 1500 units in the X axis and create a keyframe.   The object should be out of view.   Drag the point left in X by -1500 units and make a keyframe.   When you hit playback the object should pass by the camera from right to left.

Now go to the camera controls and set Alignment to “Towards Layer”.  Select the point as the Alignment Layer.   Now the camera pans and always points at the object as it passes.  You can even tweak the camera position a little by moving it in toward the object and moving it up in Y so it is a little above the object as it passes.  So far so good. 

Now right click the object layer and convert it to a composite shot.  Go back to the original comp and the new comp shot is in place of the object (still containing the object).   Set it to 3D unrolled.   Also parent it to the point and reset the transforms (to zero them out).

Now do a playback.   The motion is identical as expected.  But the problem is that the object in the second comp is now affected by the camera’s clipping plane and is cropped as it appears from the right and cropped as it disappears on the left.  To make this problem more apparent, create a colored plane and put it at the bottom layer.

Right clicking on the camera layer brings up the Clipping dialog.  By default, Near Distance is set at 1.0 and Far Distance is set at 100000.00 and can only be shortened, but not lengthened.  

What the flipping flap!?   This is truly a major limitation of the software.   If the camera behaves properly in the original comp with just the object (even 3D unrolled), why doesn’t it follow suit with the object in its own comp?

The same behavior is found in HF 2017 and has probably been a limitation all along.  But this really prevents the use of a comp shot to set up special lighting on an object and be able to export the comp for use again in another project which, of course, is the power of being able to export comps in the first place.

Sure be nice to get this fixed!  (Not sure how to put all that on  the wishlist)


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