short cut key re-assigning , not working here .

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keys   , comma   and    .period   are   default  to  scrub  frames . They work . 

When i  assign   <Left  arrow   and  >Right  arrow  , ( Hitfilm needs to restart  for new keys to take effect ) ,  the arrow keys do nothing  ) .

Then i( just trying something , )  Pressed   Ctrl-Left arrow  and  pressed  Ctrl-Right arrow  and the  time line  scubs . ( double key press not gonna work out ) .

so , i  assigned  short cut keys   Ctrl-Left arrow  and  Ctrl-Right arrow ( need to restart HItfilm for new key assignment to take effect ) , and  they  do  nothing .

So ,  reasigned back to  ,comma and  .period ( restart  Hitfilm for keys to take effect ) , and  these work again . i guess i am stuck with  ,comma  period.

looking in my book , VK_LEFT  is  25h ,  VK_RIGHT is  27h

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