With film appreciation and progression in mind, we are just looking to spread the word on a new experiment in film that we’ve just initiated, SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge, Creation, & Curation.
The aim of the game is simple: your film must be exactly the time length given and it should, in anyway whatsoever, be guided by the reference points provided: When? Where? Who? With…?
This week, for example, the film must be exactly one minute in length and should also include some reference to or use of a bathtub; besides those points, it can take place anywhere, at anytime of day, and make use of any number of characters of your creation. All films must be submitted before the end of Sunday.
Following this, the idea is that each and every Monday, a new challenge will be assigned.
Make a short, short film every week, forever. Why? The idea is to provide an opportunity for filmmakers of all levels of experience to form a routine to exercise their creativity and hone their filmmaking skills.
Where do you come in to this? Well, we were kind of hoping you’d be interested in either making a film (with or without your name attached) or just simply spreading the word.
Let us know! Thanks for the consideration.


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