Applying keyframes on effects

So Ive noticed on a lot of effects that you can apply on videos that the settings can be changed and all but they cant be animated with key frames, Is this just a limitation of Hitfilm Express? and if you buy one of the disabled features will key frames on more effects become available?


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    I'm not understanding the question here. Almost all settings of almost all effects can be keyframe animated in composite shots.  Almost every setting in Layer Properties can be keyframe animated in a Composite Shot.

    In Hitfilm Express 2017 nothing can be keyframed in an editor timeline except for Audio Panel controls.

    Purchasing add-ons for Express doesn't "turn on" keyframes for existing effects.

    Hitfilm Pro v6 (2018) does allow keyframing in the Editor Timeline, but that's a brand new function in this most recent version of Pro. I would suspect that the next major version of Express will add this functionality, but don't know for certain what new features will be in the next major version of Express, or when it might be released.

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    Thanks for the reply and no aren't misunderstanding the question, but dang that sucks. I suppose i can live without key frames for a while and go back to doing everything frame by frame like i used to.

    "In Hitfilm Express 2017 nothing can be key framed in an editor timeline except for Audio Panel controls." Well actually yes you are mostly correct but if you click on a clip and go to the controls tab you add keys frames to the opacity of the clip.

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    Make a composite shot from the clip and there you can keyframe mostly anything.

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    Liquid, maybe this note will help your workflow. It sounds like you're trying to create your effects shots in the Editor Timeline, which isn't the primary Hitfilm Workflow.

    The Editor Timeline is where you sequence multiple shots/media clips together to create a montage of your final scene or film.

    The Composite Shot timeline is where you do complex compositing/animation to create a "virtual clip" for sequencing in the Editor Timeline.

    To compare Hitfilm to the Adobe software for a moment--After Effects is ALWAYS working in a "composite shot" (They call it "Composition") timeline. AE has no editing functions, and it's designed to create a single shot to be sent to Premiere.

    Premiere is an Editor and doesn't have a "Composition/Composite Shot" timeline. Premiere is not intended to create complex animations and composites. Rather, the Adobe editor sends those shot to After Effects to be created.

    So Hitfilm kind of blends the two workflows. If you're doing "frame by frame" things where you're cutting a clip every frame then adding and adjusting effects, then you're doing it wrong. You should be converting those shots to Composite Shots and animating there.

    While Hitfilm Pro v6 does now allow for keyframes in the Editor Timeline, the Editor Timeline still has no cameras, points, 3D layers, parenting, or advanced animation controls. Keyframes in the Editor Timeline do help with a lot of tasks, but is still no substitute for the Composite Shot Timeline.

  • Well thank goodness you guys explained to me when composite shots are i was about to ask that as well.

    So then if I wanted to time a clip in with some music how would I take that little chunk of the music that the video is up to and add it to the composite shot that I'm working with?

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    @liquidlegs I think it would be easier to add the audio to the editor time line with the entire song after you have placed all your clips and composites in order there.  Then you can fine tune the timings, but I have never done that so I might be mistaken on the flow.

    Edit:  I should have also mentioned that you would use the original audio the sync up the new audio only track then mute the audio track  from the clips after you have the new audio properly aligned with the clips

  •  Tddavis Thanks for the reply, I was originally doing it the way you suggested but i have been  finding it easier at the moment to place fade in and out key frames in the part of the clips that I want for the music and using them as place holders, then taking the data from the edit timeline to a composite shot, putting the animation where I want in place of the fade in/out key frames, and then deleting the fade in/out  keys frames after im done.

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    In Adobe Premiere you can do simple keyframe animations,  moves, scaling, etc. without using After Effects. I believe the new version of Hitfilm Express added this capability.  Thank you!

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