HF4 Stops working during Rendering mp4

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Hi, I run a game channel and I've just finished 8 hours editing a 1hour and 20 minute video, when I try to Render it to mp4 or anything else it renders for about 8 minutes then says "HitFilm4 Express Has Stopped Working" 


I've gotten this message every single time after 20 tries. 


I'm using using an Intel Core2 Quad with 8gig of ram, 2 SSDs, a nvidia Geforce 1070 ti gpu and windows 7 for its stability. 


There also no error codes or any information regarding why it just stops working. I have no viruses on my computer and I don't run any anti virus software because I never go to any websites other than YouTube and Twitch.


I need this video to be rendered and soon. Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue in a timely manner?


Thanks for any help on this topic. On a side note, this is a serious issue with HF4 that needs to be addressed and resolved since I see a few others have a similar problem.


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    Minimum hardware requirements for Hitfilm include an i3/5/7 CPU. Your Core 2 Quad is under minimum recommended specifications for Hitfilm. There's a very high probability that's the root of your problem. 

    Incidentally, minimum recommended CPU for an Nvidia 1070 is also an i3. Chances are your CPU is causing a GPU bottleneck and you're not getting the benefits of that 1070.

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