Hitfilm Pro with plugins to work with Vegas

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i may have messed this up .

i installed  Hitfilm Pro , then i installed  Ignite Pro .

Always used both in  Demo mode .

Now that  Hitfilm Pro  is activated , the  plugins are still in

Demo mode with  Vegas .

when in  Vegas , the plugins insist they are part of  Ignite pro

What should i do ?


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    Ignite Pro gives other editing and VFX software (like Vegas) the same effects that are in HitFilm, but it's a completely separate license from HitFilm Pro.  Paying for the license to activate HitFilm Pro does nothing to Ignite Pro.  The plugins you see inside of Vegas are indeed part of Ignite Pro, and you'll have to pay a separate fee to activate them.

  • aahh , ok , thanks . ( i was always a little  if'e  on that  )

    i uninstalled Ignite Pro , the Ignite Pro "now Empty  FX  folder"associations with Vegas remaind . i uninstalled Hitfilm , and the Ignite Pro association remaind in  Vegas  FX  panel .

    i  re-imaged  w10 , to remove the  Ignite pro association with Vegas . "Vegas is Vegas" , and "Hitfilm is Hitfilm" .

    no problem ,...i re-image on a moments notice when stuff happens to windows . ( not a restore point ,... re-image )

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