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Hello Everyone,

I'm editing a short with about 3 visual effects. Initially I decided to work on the visual effects separately, then move on to cutting them into the timeline, color correcting, then grading.

But this seems like it's taking too long. Also I haven't even considered the music or the audio, and it's making me think my workflow is slightly off.


Is there a more efficient workflow for adding vfx? Does one usually cut the movie without the effects, export and insert the movie back into the editor to add the effects to the scenes later?


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    I do both depending on wether I am more creative or not. Example: For the last video I had something in mind with one scene adding some 3D effects but it didn't work as expected. But then I do not spend more time on that since that was more a technical problem. So I made a comp of it as a placeholder and went on editing the timeline while I had that creative time (I am not a pro at all). When I am not so full of ideas I then spend time on that comps and do that handwork like masking etc. which is more a goal of technique not creativity. That way I can manage the time on projects in an acceptable way. And it helps bring self confidence since there are not many of those moments where nothing works out after hours and one is thinking "I don't know it, I can't do it".

    When you are creative with assembling the timeline then do it. When it's time for handwork do that. And sometimes a scene does not work but then I already have alternate scenes on one or two additional video tracks inserted for alternates. 

    Maybe that is an approach for you. It works for me but at last I am an amateur.

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    Thanks for that suggestion. I'm a stickler for efficiency and routine. Maybe I need to loosen up a bit ^_^'

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     What I do is place my clips in the timeline, then the clips that I plan on adding VFX to, I make a comp, then in the comp is where I do all my work, VFX, colorgrading, masking, etc. Once done in there you can go back to your timeline and you can work on sound design and music, with all the VFX and etc. are now applied to the clips in your timeline, I hope this helps! :)

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    @twitworth the point of making comps are so you can quickly make a change