Video not exporting - Not giving an error message

Hey everyone, I just finished editing a video for a friend who's computer doesn't have the specs to run Hitfilm. I attempted to render it, just as I normally had with my videos on many occasions. It immedietly gave me an "error", but did not display what was wrong. I then realized, oh wait, this video is 1360 x 768, and I usually use this preset with my 1280 x 720 videos. So I created a new preset, with the settings on MP4, which is the original video AND project settings, 192 bit rate, 48.000, and 15 fps. The actual video was 194 bit rate with 15.26 fps, however, but it would not let me change that. I also tried making an AVI and setting everything to "From Source" to get the same error, with no message.

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