Our " Star Wars " Project Finale

Thought I would share this with the community. I typically stay hidden in the background and try to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Used HitFilm Pro for an 8 episode run we did on literally zero budget. It was a lot of fun putting together and I look forward to learning more and more. Next goal....no more VFX frame by frame.....anyway, hope you enjoy!


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    That's pretty sweet!  I love the look, and am curious to know more about how you created it.  The fight choreography was impressive as well.  I'm definitely interested in watching the other episodes in the series.  Great job!

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    Ryang83jkd   Very nice effect in turning live action into 2D style animation look.  Reminds me that if Ralph Bakshi had Hitfilm back in the day what he could have created.  You did a superb job capturing his Lord of Rings and Wizards feel.  And I agree totally with jsbarrett above that the fight scene was very well staged.

  • Thanks! Sorry for the slow reply. Let me know what your curious about. I did most of this by trial and error....lots of error. I wish some the VFX was more smooth, but I did everything frame by frame. 

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    Just curious to know the combination of effects you used to get that look.  Also curious to know why you chose to work frame by frame, or was that the only way you knew to get the effect done?

  • Well, first off its a tooooon of the cartoon filters, line filters and some others. Took a long time to figure that part out. Then, the reason I went frame by frame was due to the fact I am still learning mocha/tracker. Someone told me I could do it all there and lower the time it takes by quite a bit. Im currently going through all the tutorials...again...to soak up all I can and attack another project. The lightsaber effects were definitely the easiest as well as the most difficult.....very time consuming. 

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    It may be hard to describe what you did in any systematic way, due to the trial and error nature of it, but that there is some really cool 2D stylization.