Has anybody ever done mocha camsolve on 30 sec?

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Just asking: I have a clip about 30 sec and tracked it so far. Then I started a camsolve. Since I had an appointment I needed to abort it  - after 70 Minutes from which 50 Minutes waiting at 97% (Intel I7-7700 4/4.2 Ghz). Has anybody ever done a solve so long and so has any clue how long that could take? It was pegging CPU to 60-65% so 2 cores and one thread I guess.

Just wandering if I should take the weekend of not to disturb mocha :)


  • DreamArchitect
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    I have never experienced mocha taking more than a couple of minutes, Usually a lot less than that. Something seems wrong here, others with more experience could well correct me here though.

    Maybe tell us what kind of footage it is and how many planes you are tracking. perhaps a screenshot of the tracking setup. it might be the way you have set up the planes.