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first of all please excuse my bad english, im so long out of practice.

To be honest im not very interested in buying expensive software for my hobby. Too many bad experinces in the past (with commotion and liquid, with thanks to pinnacle) where i invested so much money and wasted it because no way of activation any more.

Nevertheless i love this software and i really in temptation...

And finally there is now a %-deal online. But there are questions that are left and some things that confusing me in more than one way:

1. When i buy this software and some day hitfilm gets insolvent, will be there a way to activate this software in case of new installation (you have to know that im driving windows, and windows seems to like those kinds of userfriendlyness, but its not a bug, its a feature ;) )?

2. Im a little bit confused about the plugins. Before the new version arrived the way was clear: Download express and if you want something more you have to pay for it particulary or as whole package. In this new version i dont know exactly which components now in and which were out... On the older sites there was a comparison table, but i cant find him any more... So some features are now in ignition and some are left in hitfilm pro (as axample i think the 3d-Matching system now isnt in the pro version). Is there a table to find the comparisons which features are in and which were not?

3. I dont know it exactly any more, but in the past i hear about a version change where older bought plugins dont worked any more. When i now decide to buy plugins, how futureproof they are?

4. And the main question is: After some time there will be a new version of this software. Yea, im not a fan of an abosystem like adobe. But to be honest, 120 Euro a year is much cheaper as to buy every year a new software for the same money... Its absolutely clear for me that noone can predict the price of the next update, but to know approximately which costs can be expected +/- could help a little bit to get a decision here. And maybe too wich costs can i expect when i decide to skip one version...

So guys. So many questions and to be honest i got much more, but so far now...

By the way i really enjoyed hitfilm express and maybe would bought it when some details solved in a better way (as example a direct fade in the timeline; its not so nice to get a fade only for just some seconds and with the new key-system its maybe possible to get this time longer, but i think its not a very good workflow for standard working elements...).

Thanks for your patience with my bad english and for answers (maybe) and for this software i really like a bit and from time to time more and more ;)

Greetings from germany



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    @dille999 Sorry if I am not answering all your questions.  But the reason I invested in HF is because I did not want to support Adobe's insane licensing model.

    HF can do 90% (or more) of what AE can do .... and by purchasing you will own the software. If you decide not to upgrade at some point down the line, then you can keep on blissfully using the version you are on.  No need to keep paying in.  Of course if you want new features then that is your decision, but your current version keeps running, intact if you decide to stay with your current version as long as you want.  That fact is worth the price of admission right there.

    Plus FXHome is not a conglomerate, but a small dedicated bunch of film enthusiasts that want to put professional quality tools in the hands of budding filmmakers.  What's not to like?

    Upgrade to Pro and get all the awesome features.   Express is just a taste of what you can do  with this software.

    All that said, you need to look at HF as software in its early stages.  AE has been around for 25 years but HF has only been around for 8 years.  So, you are still in on the ground floor of an up and coming competitor to AE.  By participating in this community you can also shape where we go from here.  I think that is pretty exciting.   Opportunities like this don't come along very often.

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    2. Everything in Ignite Pro Plugins is in Hitfilm Pro, including "3D matching" by which you mean: Mocha for Hitfilm. Also available as a separate, single plugin for Hitfilm Express.

    Ignite Pro Plugins are only for use with other programs, like AE, Vegas, DaVinci Resolve, Catalyst, Premiere Pro and many more to give about 70% (number pulled out of a hat) of the functionality of Hitfilm in a different editing environment.

    See here:

    The Ignite Express plugins are for the same reason - use with other programs - but free, and with a reduced number, 80+ in Ignite Express instead of 180+ plugins in Ignite Pro.

    For people who never use anything but Hitfilm Pro for editing: the Ignite Pro plugins are now separated from Hitfilm Pro when they upgrade, so the price of Hitfilm Pro can be reduced instead of including them in the package at a higher price.

    Those who want both Hitfilm Pro and Ignite Pro Plugins, or just Ignite Pro, buy what they need. So they now have Hitfilm only, Ignite only, or Hitfilm+Ignite as  choices.

    3. No older Plugins have ever stopped working and I've got some from years ago. Once activated they just work.

    If they stop working in the future, that would be because you would have upgraded the other program they work with and it stops being compatible in some way. Time to complain to that company: Adobe, BlackMagic, Magix etc. if it ever happens, to get them to correct their error. (unlikely anyway)

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    I am not sure you really answered question 1 :-)

    Firstly I am using Hitfilm Express 4 and I can only heap gratitude and praise on Hitfilm - I do not usually feel warmth to corporations or businesses but Hitfilm have already earned some kind of loyalty here.

    The problem that dille999 is alluding to is the classic case of online registration when the company has gone bust and the website that activates the code goes bust. In the event of hardware failiure or upgrade the person who has paid cannot get their new installation on a new disk or system working unless the company is still there. I recently fell victim to this - graphics editor - I paid up have a key but the software relies on a live link for verification and whoops the outfit have gone bust. I had no reason to move to other software I have been using it for years and needed no improvements or upgrades however my hard disk went caput and I needed to reinstall - hence problem.

    Anyway I absolutely love Hitfilm - its a real pleasure to work with.


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    @Jonnie45 You can see all your activations and remotely deactivate a machine by clicking the link "View Activations". This should work around the case of hardware failure. You can also deactivate another machine when you activate a new one but your license is already activated on 3 other computers, the activation helper will ask you which one you would like to deactivate. You can backup your license file and it will always work, you will just have to do the offline activation path.

  • Thanks for the clarification Cedric, since I fell foul of a Hard disk failure recently I will take on your advice about backing up licences.

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    @CedricBonnier The OP question, and what Jonnie is referring to is, unfortunately, an impossible question to answer:

    "1. When i buy this software and some day hitfilm gets insolvent, will be there a way to activate this software in case of new installation (you have to know that im driving windows, and windows seems to like those kinds of userfriendlyness, but its not a bug, its a feature ;) )?"

    Chances are, eventually Hitfilm will cease development. Not this year, maybe not in 25 years, but, probably, one day. Unfortunately, no one can predict what will happen on that day, as there are a lot of variables--and it's in the future. It's a fundamentally meaningless question.

    We'll speculate. Perhaps one day FXHOME shuts down. Great--is FXHOME still an independent company? Perhaps, like Blender--which began as a proprietary commercial program--FXHOME will release all of Hitfilm as an open source project. In this case, will there be one last program update to basically "release' serial codes? Will the (potential) "Hitfilm Foundation" take over the user database? Beats me. Perhaps FXHOME is purchased by another company that ceases Hitfilm development--well, that's going to depend on the new company, won't it?

    We don't know and we won't know. For better or worse, FXHOME  dates to 2001. The Hitfilm user base has expanded exponentially in the last couple of years. For now, FXHOME seems to have a stable future.

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    @CedricBonnier I noticed that Ignite Plugins always phone home when used in Vegas. I always let them, but what's consequence of not doing so with an offline PC? Just missing out on version update options, or more?

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    yes its hard to know whether "yours to keep forever" can be guaranteed even if we dismiss the obvious issue of current version of OS or hardware simply being unable to run software anymore which is outside the  control of the app software developer once (app) company liquidated.

    I have been running an archaic version of Dreamweaver 2004 for years now - I do not use it for any kind of design simply as a familiar code editor that has ftp - thats all I ask or want of it.

    I was delighted to find that Macromedia/Adobe had the forsight to write in special keys for the product and of course they have totally lost interest in old versions like mine and who can blame them.

    They simply published the 'magic keys' and users like me can now install our 14 year old software on any of our machines at will, they had the forsight to recognise that one day they would cast the old product to the wind and did not want to deal with people like me bugging them so they let it loose.

    At some point Microsoft will create a version of windows that will not run it but for now I can carry on with my old familiar tool and get on with the task in hand

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    @Jonnie45 as long as you keep your computer, a supported OS and your license file, you will be able to reinstall HitFilm in 25 or 50 years and do the offline activation, regardless of what happens to FXHOME.

    For what it's worth, we never cut activation of any of the products that the company has made since 2001. Whether anyone would want to use them is a different matter but you can still activate your product bought 15 years ago (even if you didn't save your license file, online activation works).

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    FYI, this thread was useful to my decision to purchase Pro on the Thanksgiving sale. Thanks for the info, folks.

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