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Hi, I made this thread to help @CedricBonnier with Hitfilm misunderstanding of luma levels.

Part 1 - Context:

I own a Lumix G80, it records 4K @100Mbs, 1080p60 @28Mbts and so on... they both are using MP4 container and H.264 codec (it also record AVCHD but I really don't use it).

The camera let me choose two luma levels

  • 0-255 Full range
  • 16-255 (really strange)

I always shoot full range 'cause compatibility

Part 2 - Hitfilm (Pro v6):

I usually transcode my footage to DNxHD for a smooth editing process but sometime for a fast preview I put the mp4 video straight out from the camera to the timeline, and noticed that the DNxHD (that uses quicktime) looks more "flat" shadows and highlight are not out of the range while the mp4 is more contrasty with SH and HL blowed out.

Part 3 - Media:

Here two frames exported from the hitfilm viewer:

4K MP4 h.264 @100 Mb     0-255

Media info: https://pastebin.com/Ni3pvznK

1080p DNxHD @170Mb   0-255 (I think)

Media info: https://pastebin.com/PCJM35FG

*footage are ungraded anf just added to the timeline

Part 5 - Suggestions:

  • The possibility to set luminance level form the media property window
  • An effect thet let us convert 0-255 to 16-235 and viceversa

Part 6 - Questions:

The hitfilm workspace what luma uses?

whe I export the file from HF what luma levels are set?


If you need a piece of raw video, I can upload it on drive.

Thank you in advance, hope this would help.


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