Audio fade results in distortion

When I use the audio fade transition in Hitfilm Express, the audio becomes harsh and distorted as it fades. Does anyone know the cause of this and/or how to prevent it?


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    @jedibob5 How quickly are you fading?  I remember doing something a while back where a really fast fade (I don't recall the exact timing, but maybe 5-7 frames) sounded distorted, but a slower fade didn't.  If you can make it work, try lengthening the fade time and see if it fixes the problem.

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    @jsbarrett They're fairly quick fades, but I kinda need them to be quick fades. One longer fade in my project seemed to work, so I tried lengthening the others slightly, but it didn't work. At this point I don't think I can lengthen the fades much further without it interfering with the video around it.

    I suppose if nothing else I can just separate the audio track and do the fades in Audacity, but I was hoping to find another solution first.

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    I'm going to tag @CedricBonnier on this.  Curious if this is something that can be improved.

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