MPEG Streamclip single-file batch trick

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Whenever I screen capture footage for a HitFilm tutorial, I transcode the long capture video into smaller chunks using MPEG Streamclip: set In and Out points, export, reset the points, export, etc.  A little tedious because I have to wait for one export to finish before I can reset the points for the next one.  I saw that MPEG Streamclip had a batch processing feature, but initially assumed that it was only for working with multiple files.  However, after digging in its docs a few minutes ago, I found that it will also work to batch process multiple segments in the same file.

The trick is to leave the Batch window open.  Set your In and Out points, then choose the desired Export To option from the menu (Export to Quicktime in my case).  In the export settings dialog, the button in the lower right that's normally labeled "Make Movie" changes to "To Batch."  Adjust your settings, then click "To Batch."  After you enter a filename, it adds a new entry to the batch list.  Leaving that Batch window open, go back to the main window and set new In and Out points.  Choose the Export option, hit "To Batch," choose a filename, etc.  Lather, rinse, and repeat until you have all the batch entries you need, then hit "Go" in the Batch window.

SO much easier than babysitting the program! In fact, I've been batching my way through a long capture video for a while now.  It's almost finished with segment 5 of 7.  Anyway, just sharing my discovery to help ease others' pain.


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