Vegas Pro and HitFilm Pro integration

I am planning on buying either Vegas Pro or Hitfilm Pro or both and wondered about the integration in the two? If I got Vegas as an editor and Hitfilm as a VFX program do they run well together? I saw on the Vegas site that they have Hitfilm, in some form, offered with the suite. Is that the full version of Hitfilm Pro or what? Would I need to plan on buying Vegas Pro Suite and Hitfilm Pro or is there a bundle?


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    You are missunderstanding many things . First of all , they're non related programs from different companies; I suppose the reason to sell in Vegas website is due a business agreement between FX Home and Magix  (FX Home addapted some of their effects for using with Magix Video ).
    Vegas is not a full version of Hitfilm Pro , HF Pro is a completely different software which acts both a NLE and Compossiting one and in its own is a full version (HF Express is the lite/uncomplete version).

    I hope this  helps you to understand ;)

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    What are your seeing bundling Vegas and Hitfilm? If purchasing from Sony, understand that's Vegas Pro 13, probably bundled with Hitfilm 3 or 4 Pro. Vegas is currently at version 15 and is now owned by Magix. Hitfilm Pro is on version 6. I wouldn't recommend a Sony bundle at this point.

    The current Magix version of Vegas isn't bundled with Hitfilm. While they have it as an addon the Magix price is HIGHER than the current sale price on this website.

    Now. I've edited in Vegas since 1999 and used Hitfilm since 2013. So. 

    Vegas is a superior editor. Editing in Vegas is smoother, faster and easier than Hitfilm. Vegas still has the best audio toolkit of any NLE. If your primary need is to cut video (say you cut multicam events) and you only need color correction and simple 2D titles Vegas might be a better idea.

    Hitfilm Pro is a fantastic layer based VFX and compositing program with a basic functional editor. If you need complex compositing, advanced VFX or 3D animation, Hitfilm is probably your choice.

    Vegas and Hitfilm have an integration function. Clips can be sent directly to Hitfilm from Vegas and the Hitfilm clip replaces the Vegas on the timeline. Hitfilm projects can be loaded into Vegas and the Editor Timeline will be treated as a single media clip. Works pretty well, but note Vegas will need to proxy the Hitfilm clip before it can be used. Depending on the complexity, this can be a few seconds to "I should have just rendered in Hitfilm."

    Think that's enough to help you choose. Both are excellent software. If you were to choose only one, in general I'd recommend Hitfilm Pro. Hitfilm's VFX capabilities mean it can do things Vegas just can't at all. Your editing experience won't be quite as smooth, but the sheer power of Hitfilm is hard to beat. 

    For the record, I generally do my primary editing in Vegas and use Hitfilm for VFX shots. 

    Oh. There's Hitfilm Ignite Express and Pro. Ignite is a plug-in suite that adds many of Hitfilm's VFX filters to Vegas (but not 3D animation). Ignite Express is free and has about 90 filters. Pro is paid and has about 180 filters.

    Ignite is damn useful. While Vegas is my editor I use a lot of the Ignite plug-ins for grading in Vegas. 

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    @Triem23 do you think if Hitfilm gets to the point where the editor is better do you think you would abandon Vegas?

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    It's possible, but for my specific needs Hitfilm has a way to go. I do a lot of multicam events, so Hitfilm's current lack of multicam would certainly be a major issue for me. Vegas in unique among all NLEs in that if one overlaps two audio or video clips, they automatically crossfade. I stress how much time that saves me compared to any other software, period.

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    Hi Trim23,

    I see below comment from your feedback above, 

    "Vegas and Hitfilm have an integration function".

    Can you pl.. help me to understand the steps involved here.

    I'm currently having Vegas pro 15 and Hitfilm pro 6,  and i see no option available.

    thanks in advance.


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    @cnu: Inside Vegas right clicking on a video track should give you the option "add hitfilm effect". If selected Vegas replaces that media with a hitfilm project and launches hitfilm to edit it. If you work with a composite be sure to have that comp on the editor timeline since Vegas only sees what is on the editor timeline, not what else is inside that project.

    In cause you do not have that option: Check to see if you have the latest Version/Update of Vegas and install Hitfilm after Vegas. 

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    Thanks Juda1 and Triem23.. it seems working.

  • Thank you all for the tips and advice! I guess I had heard of older versions of Vegas working closely with Hitfilm. I’ll probably stick it out with Hitfilm Express to do my basic edits until I see the need and have the budget for Vegas. I do realize they are very different programs but I realize they both have at least basic editing capabilities. Are there any other lite versions of editing programs that you would recommend until I can afford a full fledged NLE? I’m just getting started and can’t justify even the relatively low cost of Hitfilm Pro. Thank you all and please excuse my inexperience! God bless you all!

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    LightWorks, DaVinci Resolve...

    Though the free version of Resolve isn't lite; it's ahead of what a lot of NLE vendors make you pay for. LightWorks is fast, efficient, and simple. It's an NLE and nothing else. Resolve is becoming a Hollywood hero suite, so it's VERY deep. But editing in it is very pleasant once you learn it.

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    Vegas Movie Studio. I have both it and Vegas Pro, but realistically, VMS does 90% of what you'd need Vegas Pro to do. Get the Platinum version, the Suite isn't worth it (I have it) for the random stuff they throw in and the Basic is too 'lite' for very little saving. Add Ignite Express plugins (free) and you're laughing.

    VMS 14 is on sale now because VMS 15 is out at the end of Feb, but then VMS 15 will be twice (or more) the price and based on the improvements between VPro 14 and 15, it won't have added much that you'd notice.

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    Just upgraded to Magix Vegas 15, and have a paid version of HFPro 3 from when I bought my Sony Vegas 13, I was wondering if the HFPro 3 can still play with the later version of Vegas?

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    @seanoz probably not. When Magix took over Vegas from Sony one of the changes they had to make involved the plug-in architecture. In Sony versions system calls for plug ins were to "Sony.Vegas." in Vegas 14 and up this is "Vegas.Pro." (This means any old scripts you have will have to be re-edited.). This broke a LOT of plug-ins and made a lot of people unhappy.

    Additionally, there have been changes to Hitfilm. Hitfilms 1-5 (2017) were "separate" programs. You could install HF 2 alongside HF 3, for example. Internally the Vegas integration called for a specific version. Starting with Hitfilm 6 all Hitfilms are the "same" program - so HF 7, 8, 9, 10...12 all overwrite the earlier version, and the Vegas integration now calls for "Hitfilm Pro."

    So, chances are the integration is broken between Vegas 15 and HF3. Hitfilm needed to install first, so try uninstalling both programs, then install Hitfilm, finally Vegas.

    What I THINK you'll find is you won't be able to right- click in Vegas, send a clip to Hitfilm and have the media swap on the Vegas timeline. But I THINK you'll still be able to drag an HFP file directly to the Vegas timeline and have it read the Hitfilm Editor Timeline as media (I don't feel like installing HF 3 and Vegas 15 to test this). I could be wrong since HF 5, 6 and 12 did have some major core changes to the engine. Still, if the HFP files read on the Vegas 15 timeline then you have "partial" integration. You'll have to build directly in Hitfilm then drag to Vegas. For pure animation clips, not a big deal. For video it's kind of a pain as you'd have to re-trim the video in Hitfilm.

    Another thing to look at is "Ignite Express" (Scroll to the bottom of this page for a link). This is a free subset of Ignite Pro, and Ignite brings a lot of the Hitfilm effects directly into Vegas. You won't get Hitfilm's 3D compositing, but, depending on what you want, the effects in Ignite might mean you'd do less integration anyway?

    Good luck!