Saramonic to make audio more harmonic?

Behind_The_Lens Posts: 161 Just Starting Out*

Hi everyone, 

just  a question. I have a video mic go, and I noticed it's almost unusable since I plug it straight into the camera (canon). So, I've been thinking: get a saramonic smart rig plus to boost the levels so it isn't so noisy, OR

sell my current mic and buy a used or ebayed videomic pro.

It's more or less the same amount of money. I can probably get $50-80 for my mic ( maybe on the lower side since I broke the shock mount joint and had to epoxy it), and the ebay stuff goes for around $140.

The sarmonic thing plus a cold shoe mount for both it and my mic is around $120.

I would probably end up saving with the vmp, and it would be more discrete, but it would be just a mic- with the saramonic, I could use it as a pre amp for a NTG mic down the line, as opposed to buying a 200 dollar h4n and syncing later.



I hope this isn't info overload. Also, thanks for taking time to consider my questions.